Jul 28

Watering Bermuda

Posted on July 28, 2021 at 5:10 PM by Krislyn Powell

Wondering how much you should be watering your Bermuda lawn? It may seem challenging, but it’s really not. At this time of year, the basic guideline is to water for 6-8 minutes, six days a week. Program your irrigation to come on at night or very early morning to reduce evaporation. 

But what if we receive rain? Thankfully, the monsoon has brought us much-needed rain this year! You can turn your system off (saving water AND money) one cycle for each ½” of rainfall we receive. For example, Vistancia just received 1” of rain. So you can turn your turf irrigation off for two days. But don’t forget to turn it back on! 

Check to see if your turf is receiving enough water with a long screwdriver. If you can insert the screwdriver 6” into the ground you know there is enough water for the turf to grow properly. And remember to evaluate your system occasionally to make sure the pop-up heads are spraying correctly and in the right direction. Learn more about watering guidelines for turf and plants at wateruseitwisely.com.

You can always visit the Learning Center on our website, dlcresources.com/learning-center, for additional information about caring for your turf.


Jul 20

Recovering from Wind

Posted on July 20, 2021 at 10:38 AM by Krislyn Powell

Arizona's monsoon season is here and active! But, although we love the rain, strong winds can wreak havoc on trees. 

Young trees can be vulnerable to falling over in high winds. However, if the ground is soft, the trees can usually be straightened and restaked. Stake newly planted tree with 2" diameter by 8' or 10' length (depending upon the tree's height) pressure-treated stakes. Attach guy wires to the stakes and a large diameter wire loop that surrounds the tree trunk. When creating the loop around the trunk never use just the wire, run the wire through an old piece of hose, irrigation poly or ties designed for tree support.  The loop around the trunk should be at least one foot in diameter, and the tree trunk should be able to move freely. A tree should NEVER be tied so tightly that it cannot sway a little. 

Hopefully, you pruned your more mature trees before monsoon season began. If not, get to it ASAP! Remove dead branches, crossed branches and thin the tree canopy, paying particular attention to Palo Verdes, Acacias and Mesquites that are especially prone to damage from high winds. Be sure only to trim branches that you can reach from the ground-avoid using ladders! Higher limbs need to be taken care of by a landscape professional.

We hope you-and your trees-have a refreshing, rainy monsoon with no lasting wind damage! Learn more tree care tips on our website's Learning Center at dlcresources.com/learning-center..

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Jul 12

Installing Sod

Posted on July 12, 2021 at 5:22 PM by Krislyn Powell

If you are looking at your yard and really wishing you had a nice green lawn, consider installing sod! For new homes, new yards, or simply patching up areas that didn’t adequately come up this year, sod is the way to go. It can give you a lush, instant yard that will return year after year!

The key to putting down sod is to prepare the soil right. Laying the sod is the easy part! To get your yard ready, remove all plant material such as weeds, as well as rocks. Then test the soil at your local cooperative extension office to know what fertilizer is needed. Till the ground and apply the appropriate fertilizer. Then roll the yard to ensure everything is even, and the soil is 1” lower than irrigation sprinklers and the surrounding hardscape.

Wet the area and lay the sod, staggering the seams like you would lay bricks. Lastly, roll the entire lawn and water often, especially during the summer.  The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Agency’s website at https://turf.arizona.edu/turftipsindex.htm has more details on installing sod in your yard.

And you can always visit the Learning Center on our website, dlcresources.com/learning-center, for additional information about caring for your turf.

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