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Nov 27

APS Open House Informational Meetings

Posted to Association News by Adam Rosen

Earlier this year, APS brought a plan forward to generate power substations and power lines north of the Vistancia community.

Many of you attended their open house informational meetings in May to voice your concerns over the project that would bring power lines through your view to the north. As a result, APS developed the next stages of their plan.

The proposed alternatives, which were mailed to all homes in the community earlier this month, contain a couple routes that could be a visual distraction from the beautiful desert and mountain views all Vistancia residents have come to enjoy. Line 4 in the photo below calls for a 69 kV power line directly north of the CAP Canal, through Vistancia and extending a couple miles east and west of our community. Line 7 impacts future phases of the overall Vistancia community.

APS will hold three open house informational meetings this week to receive input on their proposal, and you can have your voice heard by attending one of the meetings.

Meetings are scheduled for:

Tuesday, Nov. 27
5:30-7:30 p.m.
Desert Oasis Elementary (17161 W. Bajada Road, Surprise)

Wednesday, Nov. 28
5:30-7:30 p.m.
Vistancia Elementary

Thursday, Nov. 29
5:30-7:30 p.m.
Lake Pleasant Elementary

Comments can also be submitted directly through the comment form, by email to APS Siting Consultant Stephen Eich, or by calling 888.352.4365.

If you’re unable to attend the meetings, there are still ways you can have your voice heard. Submit your comment by email to tell them you oppose the APS north Peoria siting project plan.

There is strength in numbers. The more comments APS receives regarding this issue the more likely they will be to choose a plan that preserves views and home values. Send in your comments, copy your legislators, and attend the open house!

Sep 19

Caring for Dormant Bermuda

Posted to Landscaping Tips by Samantha Thomas

If you are skipping over seeding on your lawn this winter, there are some simple steps you can take to care for your dormant Bermuda. These steps should help it grow back stronger and thicker in the next growing season while saving you money, time and frustration.  

First, in October, begin reducing the irrigation water amount by 50%. Before your grass goes dormant, in mid-November, put down an 11-52-0 winterizing fertilizer to prepare for the next season of Bermuda.  After the first frost of the season, stop watering your plant material altogether. Not only does not over seeding help improve the health of your Bermuda grass, for every season you forgo over seeding, you save over 8,000 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet of grass.

While Bermuda is dormant, it only needs to be mowed twice a month to achieve a clean and even appearance. During the two weeks you do not mow, fill ruts and indentions with screened fill dirt to eliminate hazards and prepare your lawn to look its springtime best. Controlling weeds with a post-emergent herbicide during Bermuda’s dormant months takes advantage of the natural cycle of the Bermuda to combat the weeds.
Sep 19

Peoria Film Fest

Posted to Peoria News by Samantha Thomas

The Peoria Film Fest is excited to announce details of the opening night cocktail party followed by a screening of 101 Studios’ “The Current War: Director’s Cut”.
Modern Round will provide food for the pre-festival cocktail party, which will begin at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 10 located at 8320 West Mariners Way, Peoria, AZ, 85382.
Immediately following the cocktail party, attendees will walk over to Harkins Arrowhead Fountains to hear opening remarks from Peoria Film Fest Executive Director Jason Carney beginning at 7:30 p.m. After the opening remarks, attendees will be treated to a screening of 101 Studios’ “The Current War: Director’s Cut”, starring a stellar cast that includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Michael Shannon, Tom Holland, Katherine Waterston, and Nicolas Hoult. 
"I am thrilled to announce the return of the Peoria Film Fest!” said City of Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat. “Last year, we welcomed several gifted film and production companies, and our passion for movies and the power of a good story has only grown. I can’t wait to see the talent and creativity that we will experience as we head into this outstanding four-day festival.”  
The Peoria Film Fest will take place Oct. 10 through Oct. 13 at the beautifully renovated Harkins Arrowhead Fountains 18, screening a mix of independent and upcoming studio releases. 
Purchase tickets to opening night.