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Apr 01

COVID-19 Update for Blackstone HOA

Posted to Association News by Samantha Thomas

Our top priority is to keep our community safe and healthy. We've been closely monitoring the recommendations and actions taken to help decrease the potential spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the City of Peoria and the state of Arizona. 

After careful consideration and much discussion between the Board of Directors and the Association management team, Blackstone HOA is temporarily canceling all classes, clubs, and events until further notice effective immediately. 

What does that mean for residents?
Association and Lifestyle Offices: Effectively immediately, the Association offices will be closed to visitors until further notice. Our team will still be on-site to assist you, but we encourage you to practice the recommended social distancing and limit personal contact with staff. Instead of visiting the office, please call or email our team with any questions. We understand and apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. Staff contact information is listed toward the bottom of this email.

Common Areas: Effective immediately and until further notice, Blackstone will be closing amenities to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Closures include the tot lot, basketball courts, ramadas, and picnic benches.
Amenities that are closed will have signs to indicate the closure. Physical distancing and hygiene guidelines recommended by the CDC still apply in these areas, which include limiting exposure to people outside of immediate family members, avoiding groups of 10 or more people and maintaining six feet between each person.

Board and Committee Meetings: All non-essential Board and committee meetings are suspended until further notice. Necessary meetings will be posted and held virtually.
Modification Applications: Please submit all applications online to practice the recommended social distancing. If you have questions, contact the Association Office via phone or email.

Gate Access:
Keep your ABDi Gate account updated with all visitors coming to your home to limit person-to-person contact with the Gate team.
ALL visitors need to be listed on your account. Please remember to include UBER/Lyft drivers, food and grocery deliveries, and prescription delivery services.
This is an excellent time to review your visitor log. Delete old or outdated entries and check to see if any regular service providers are not currently listed and need to be added.
All visitors must use the main entrance at Blackstone Gatehouse; Sunrise Point is a restricted access gate for residents only.
Visitors should not arrive before 7 a.m. The Gatehouse is operational from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. daily, and each visitor needs to be checked in by the gate host.
Steps we have taken to help prevent the spread of COVID-19:
Any staff member who is feeling ill is encouraged to stay home and contact a healthcare provider.
We are continuing to follow all health and safety protocols currently in place, as well as maintain a focus on cleaning high traffic, commonly handled surfaces.

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Sep 15

Fall is a Good Time to Add New Plants

Posted to Landscaping Tips by Samantha Thomas

If you’re ready to add some new plants to your yard, fall is a great time! With the weather finally relenting to slightly cooler temperatures, plants can withstand transfer better and require slightly less water. Be sure to till the soil and add fertilizer before planting. 

Additionally, you will want to check your irrigation system for any hard water deposits that may have built up along your drip lines. If discovered, these should be cleared before any new installations to help ensure water can reach your plants efficiently.

But be sure to keep these considerations in mind: Is it the right plant/tree for the right space? How big is your plant or tree going to be in its mature size as it relates to its space? Some shrubs grow quickly and overtake a small area! And what kind of light does it need? The closer the plant is to hard surfaces like sidewalks and brick walls, the more sun and heat it will absorb. Be cautious of placing plants near these reflective surfaces. 

And be aware that if you buy something that flowers in warm weather it may soon lose its blossoms. That’s ok, though, it should bloom again next year. These tips can help you decide how and what to plant for your new, fall additions to your yard!

Visit the Learning Center on our website,, for additional information about plant care.

Sep 15

Shortage on the Colorado Isn't a Shortage at the Tap

Posted to Peoria News by Samantha Thomas

Following the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s declaration of a Tier 1 Colorado River water shortage in August, it is important that residents have the facts. Peoria’s water supply is not impacted in these early stages. Peoria has prepared for drought conditions in Arizona for many years and has plans in place if the shortage levels on the Colorado River continue to worsen. In fact, only 34% of Peoria’s water supply is directly from the Colorado River and Central Arizona Project (CAP) Canal. Also, the city only uses 61% of our available CAP supply and the rest is stored underground for later use. To date, Peoria has stored more than 180,000 acre-feet of water underground. An acre-foot of water serves an average of three homes per year, and the amount that Peoria has banked for our community is approximately five years of Peoria’s total water demand. To learn about Peoria’s preparedness and robust water supply, visit Also, Peoria offers sustainable workshops, rebates and more to help residents reduce their water use. Learn more at