Susan Eckert


We fell in love with Blackstone not long after it first opened. Our first step into the community was when we joined Blackstone Country Club. We took the final plunge when we bought a lot and built our home; we've lived here for the last three and a half years.

For the last two years I’ve served on the Custom Home Design Review Committee as an advisory member representing the homeowner’s perspective throughout that process. I’m applying for the Board of Directors because I want to preserve what we have here at Blackstone while remaining responsive to the interests of the residents.

If you’ve attended the homeowners' association meetings, you know that there’s no shortage of differing opinions and positions. As a Board member, I would like to ensure issues are heard and resolved in the most equitable manner.

I bring several necessary skills to this position. My professional background is in finance and banking. Consequently, I have extensive background in the areas of financial analysis, risk identification and management, legal compliance, problem solving, and negotiation. I believe that these skills are critical to the success of the board in effectively representing the needs of the community.