Robin Bowens

Photo_Robin Bowens

I am currently a local real estate agent and have sold in Blackstone, Vistancia, Trilogy and the surrounding areas for almost 6 years. Prior to that I worked for Hertz Car Rental as a Sr. Marketing Manager handling their loyalty programs and worked for them for upwards of 17 years. I also serve on our Design Review Committee and organize a weekly volunteer group that donates time at the local St. Mary’s Food Bank

My interest in this position stems from my love for this community and an interest to contribute to preserving its stature and appeal in the northwest valley. I believe my background in real estate and marketing provide a skill set that would be conducive to contributing meaningful input as a board member.

I believe our neighbors and their input should be represented and heard to maintain and work towards bettering the CC&Rs and Design Guidelines that we all live by. I believe one of our responsibilities on the HOA Board is to hear our neighbor’s input and help to frame them to make sense or to clarify them so that they are easily understood. Additionally, I will help to contribute to thinking outside of the box for solutions that make fiscal sense for issues that we confront. I also think that we need to have more community input and involvement with the city and our council members to the development outside our gates that affect the aesthetics and home values and would welcome opportunities to organize that for the HOA Board.