Ron Coughlin


I am interested in running for the Board of Directors because I care about our community, property values and neighbors. I believe I can combine my business acumen, positive thinking, civic-mindset and passion for volunteering in a meaningful way.

For more than ten years, I have been tasked with turning around struggling markets. My varied experiences have provided valuable perspectives to organizations/boards/companies, cultivating a sense of partnership across organizations, strengthening teamwork and setting vision, focus, goals and strategies that produce the best possible results.

Before buying in Blackstone, my wife and I lived nearby in a nearby Peoria subdivision. Blackstone excited us with its one-of-a-kind feel unique to the west valley, modern home designs, friendly neighbors, premier clubhouse and golf course. I am proud every day I drive home through our gates.

As a board member, I plan on continuing Blackstone’s track record of fiscal responsibility and maintaining the aesthetics around the community. My approach in my profession and personal life uses effective listening and clear thinking to quickly understand opportunities, determine what is wrong, develop practical solutions, implement plans to increase sales and profit margins. I ask questions to understand what is working and what is isn’t working because inside-the-box definitions of problems guarantee inside-the-box solutions.

My goal while serving the homeowners of Blackstone, is to ensure effective communication between the Board and the Association. I understand that the authority comes as a Board, not a Board member. I also believe in creating a culture that nurtures creativity and innovation, promoting teamwork and giving all owners a voice, and establishing a sense of participation and ownership in results.